Lapchi’s “Quick-Ship” Carpet Program

September 26, 2011

Custom “Bespoke” hand-made carpets are the core of Lapchi’s brand and focus. A completely hand-made custom carpet consisting of millions of individually tied knots of Tibetan wool and fine silk simply takes time to conceive and weave. There are no shortcuts.

Lapchi recognizes that many of our design clients assume responsibility for projects that require shorter delivery times. We created the “Quick-Ship” Program to help designers compete for this business without sacrificing quality and beauty.

We originally committed to having twenty-two of our most popular “made-to-measure” carpet designs available or on-loom in order to shorten fulfillment times. Updated recently, we will be adding two carpets from our newest collection, the Lapchi André Arbus Design Collection to the Quick-Ship program based on their popularity.

It’s the impossible, delivered: A Lapchi or Texere, indistinguishable in quality from the fully customized, woven-to-order carpets we are famous for; in your client’s space in a fraction of the time. Small thumbnail photos follow as an on-line reference for our 2011 program recommendations.

Alpujara, Anthemion, Arrowroot & Aurora. In Pearl, Oak, Stone, Terra Cotta & Frost

Bamboo, Belle Leaves, Broad Leaf, Chevron & Feathered. In Silver, Mushroom, Porcelain, Pearl & Moonstone

Jardan, Mirage, Mosaic, Nebulous & Playa. In Silica, White Poplin, Steel, Dusty & Lettuce

Renaissance, Sash, Satori & Sutra. In Sea Glass/Ocean, Range Brown, Wheat, Range Brown & Ginger

Thalia & Victoria. In Frosted Green & Foggy

When a project could be perfected by placing a standard sized 8′ x 10,’ 9′ x 12,’ or 10′ x 14′ carpet in a design color way from our “Quick-Ship” program, check on availability, weaving and shipping schedules by contacting your local Lapchi Client Showroom (for listings:

Lapchi Carpets are GoodWeave Certified. GoodWeave is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet  industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia. Visit www.goodweave .org

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