Elle Decor Spotlight-Lapchi’s Oboshi

April 14, 2010
Oboshi Site Spotlight Elle Decor-4.10

Elle Decor selects Lapchi's Oboshi

Elle Decor April 2010

Elle Decor April 2010 Issue

Lapchi’s Oboshi was selected by Elle Decor for the April 2010 issue “Site Spotlight”

We appreciate the mention Thank you!

True to tradition, Oboshi blends the superb dramatic scale of Kabuki and Noh theater design with the silent contemplations of Buddhist meditation.

Lapchi’s Oboshi was derived from a fragment of “Nui Shibori”, a 400 year old Japanese textile tradition of patterning by “resisting” colored dyes through sewing, wrapping and clamping fabric prior to immersion. The labor intensive “Oboshi” technique refers to patterns created by pulling tiny hand picked stitches of cloth around a form. Both are capped before the dye bath, revealing artful patterns of distinction when dried and unfurled.

Spun and woven completely by hand, the Tibetan wools used to produce Oboshi are dyed with subtly color variations along each strand, resulting in a complex nuanced surface. Articulated additions of silk or looped wool pile echo the delicate color variations found in shibori patterned textiles. Both scale and subtlety are juxtaposed within Oboshi, giving the carpet a voice of timeless and provocative style.

Lapchi's Oboshi in Larch

Larch DD1201

Lapchi's Oboshi in Dawn

Dawn YY520

Lapchi's Oboshi in Twilight

Twilight PP113

Oboshi shown in three program colorways of 100 knot wool and 15% to 25% silk.

In Japan art is craft, and craft is art, with no hierarchy of type or form. Thus masterpieces like Oboshi can be found in the silk of a shibori kimono, as well as common implements of life and living. The art of Oboshi Shibori however, can only bloom in a culture and tradition that values a meditative handmade process over production design. With each unique shibori textile, time is surrendered to creation, the outward expression of the artists inner journey.

Oboshi BB570 Gunmetal

Lapchi’s Oboshi performs with grace and daring in environments where the art of living reflects a discerning taste able to see beyond mere surface ornament.

Oboshi is shown in four colorways, but can be customized as an expression of your inner artist.

Lapchi carpets are GoodWeave certified. For information see GoodWeave.org and lapchi.com.

To contact Lapchi Client Services: lapchi@lapchi.com / 503-239-0080

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