The Colorful Carpet Life

April 6, 2013

According to the Frog “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” ….

Many of our clients, or creatives we admire, have developed their own signature palettes. The work they create, and the colors they choose, make or made them, distinctive and recognizable. An individual personality’s artistic vision has often projected itself onto contemporary culture, going on to effect market trends.

Lapchi's Feathered Carpet - Glass Objects by Esque

Lapchi’s Feathered Carpet – Glass Objects by Esque

The connection between color and commerce is nothing new, but is always fascinating to observe.  Color change is a major player in making what we own feel obsolete, and what we are offered feel like a “must have”. The zeitgeist in product design is that perfect combination of what is familiar enough to be accessible, but “new” enough to excite and define. It’s the Pavlovian response made commercial, and that is big business.

Development of color samples from projects

Client color samples. Finished carpets will be certified by

Although not immune to the siren call of mass-market taste and consumption, Lapchi developed its color palette range at the service of our individual clients vision, through their bespoke design commissions or a select custom product line. Using our small pot dying method, color can be altered and reinvented as needed, expressing exactly the pulse of the client or project.

Lapchi's Anthemion - Scaled and Colored for Drama

Lapchi’s Anthemion – scaled and colored for drama

As a result, the Lapchi color box is more similar to an artist palette than a hardware paint chart or an industry standard color range. We dye the color as we envision it so our palette is endless. A much-heralded color such as Pantone Emerald Green #17-5641 therefore can be as subtly varied as actual emeralds are.

A second variation - Mirage in Apple Green

Variation – Mirage in Apple Green

Pile heights & silk will vary color perception in a room

Pile heights & silk will vary color perception in a room

Like bijoux, silk highlights a traditional pattern

Like bijoux, silk highlights a traditional pattern

Colors are prismatic words. They express all the emotion and veracity that spoken words and music do, because they are just as powerful. Color can be the element to take us back through time. It can spark our every emotion, or challenge us to understand the complex nature between what we perceive and select. Color can reflect how we feel, and communicate what we wish others to perceive about us. It is our identity outwardly manifest or a bloom to enrich a single life.

With Custom, Range of Color & Design Samples Are Endless

A range of color and design samples from clients

Lapchi Carpets are hand-woven works of enduring beauty, with patterns derived from centuries of Art, Design and Culture. Lapchi reliably delivers products of unsurpassed quality, utilizing a sustainable process which respects the materials and honors the lives of the people who make them. For information on our Atelier Lapchi Showrooms and Select Lapchi Dealers – See us online at
Lapchi Carpets are GoodWeave Certified. GoodWeave is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia. Please visit

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