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August 27, 2009

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As a member of GoodWeave, Lapchi allows random, surprise inspections at its factories and loom sites. The company also pays fees that contribute to the rescue, rehabilitation and education of child weavers, as well as scholarships and daycare for children at risk for illegal carpet work.

As retailers carrying GoodWeave lines, offering certified rugs in your showroom is important because child labor is a significant humanitarian problem in South Asia with over 300,000 children forced to work. When you buy a rug that is GoodWeave certified, you are part of the solution.

Lapchi’s Urban Home Outlet December Sale

August 14, 2009

Lapchi’s Urban Home Outlet has been updated with additional archived pieces. During December 3rd – 19th, 2010 we also have a physical presence in Portland, Oregon. The Urban Home Outlet for Lapchi, The Warehouse Gallery, 2nd Floor, 2100 SE 10the Ave, Portland, OR 97214. This exclusive Lapchi seasonal sale is our first Direct to Family and Friends Warehouse Sale. For information on the December sale, contact

Also represented in the Lapchi Artist Gallery are Portland artists Anne Marie Grgich, Shawn Demarest, Kurtiss Loftstrom and Cindy Geffel from December 3rd to the 19th, 2nd Floor of the Lapchi Urban Home Outlet.

For Lapchi clients, if you haven’t visited the Urban Home Outlet for Lapchi online recently, please login to the website and you’ll find the link on your homepage. You’ll have access to this complete inventory to better serve your budget-conscious clients and accommodate those seeking product with immediate availability. This continuously rotating stock can be browsed by pattern, color and size, and features imagery, product specifications and special pricing for clients.

Lapchi Hand-woven Carpets in Silk and Wool

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Sample page - The Lapchi Urban Home Outlet - online, featuring Zarina

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