Towards A New Year

Sunday, February 10th, we greet the Black Water Snake, reigning sign of the 2013 New Year for students of Feng Sui.

Far from frightening, the Water Snake shimmers on the surface of cosmic waters, bringing re-birth and new beginnings to this complex year.

A snake in the house is for many a good omen, and this year’s Yin based Water Snake, transforming the brash and blustering show of last years Yang Dragon, invites us to enter an individual journey – one that profoundly effects as it unfolds within us.

"Snake, Dark" Milton Glaser for Lapchi, SMMoA  Premier

“Snake, Dark” Milton Glaser for Lapchi, SMMoA Premier

The ever prescient and legendary creator Milton Glaser, transmuted the wisdom of an animal based horoscope into lush handwoven surfaces with Lapchi, creating a carpet collection that beguiles the eye even as it speaks of wisdom, change and continued personal growth.

The Snake, Vine, Tantra and Mandala patterns reflect the qualities and questions that swirl in 2013.

"Vines, Dark" - Iridescent Waves, Vines and Boteh lighten the surface

“Vines, Dark” – Iridescent Waves, Vines and Boteh lighten the surface

As a harbinger of change, the snake represents the quest to break down resistance, rigidity, and ignorance in order to forge an enlightened future.

Standing for wisdom, intuition, contemplation, cunning and subtlety among other traits, the Small Yin Dragon or Water Snake, is a refined sensor of truth, falsehood and quality on every level.

"Tantra, Dark" - Atelier Lapchi, LA, - Paul DuPont

“Tantra, Dark” – Atelier Lapchi, LA, Paul DuPont

This does not mean that change will be easy – the Water Snake of 2013 is a unique combination of elements; feminine black-water and masculine metal-earth-fire. The complex mixture of Water Snake reads as “fire swimming under water” pointing towards a challenging metaphoric mixture ahead.

In Milton’s Snake patterns geometric elements are broken much as we are during change.

Pure enjoyment

“Mandala, Water” handknotted fine silk

The aquatic silken universe of the Water Mandala calms, focuses and defines a sacred space for our endeavors.  The microcosm of the universe is woven symbolically and metaphysically in glowing jewel tones, cooled by soothing blues.  2013 is a water year, and those enlightened pilgrims who journey over it’s depths on the back of the water snake, can embrace Lapchi’s carpets as talismans for the months ahead.

Happy New Year!

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