Lapchi – Portland, Oregon

Lapchi is deliriously happy to announce the opening of Atelier Lapchi, Portland

One of our longest journeys to fruition is complete; Atelier Lapchi Portland’s door is now open

It’s a glorious fall weekend in Oregon. The streets of NW Portland are full of people riding bikes, walking dogs and heading towards the hilly trails to the west of our new showroom, trails so close you can see the dense evergreens of the park and the beautiful homes nearby. Also to the west and east of our showroom rise both the historic and Leed Certified condominiums of the Pearl District, the Park Blocks and the Willamette Riverfront. Which of the people walking into our showroom and gasping delightedly live there? We are finding out…

Here are a few of the photo stories on the path to the showroom opening.

Atelier Lapchi buildout begins

Atelier Viewpoint East

Pacific Northwest details

A friend visiting approves

An infinite amount of light, when it’s not raining.

This is just the beginning – we will share more. No matter the long journey, right now, this instant, we are ready to work. Congratulations to everyone in Lapchi and we do mean everyone. We couldn’t have created such a beautiful, lovely working space for design clients and friends if the entire company had not banded together in support.

Kerry and John enjoy the moment

Atelier Lapchi, Portland, Oregon
809 NW Flanders Street @ Park
Portland, OR  97209
T – 503.719.6589
Hours: T-F  10-6,   Sa-11-5,  Monday by Appointment, Closed Sunday
Opened: November 29th, 2011
For information:
Showroom Contacts:  “Sasha Goldstein”, “Meg Coulter”, “Lauren Stockunas”
Lapchi Carpets are hand-woven works of enduring beauty, with patterns derived from centuries of Art, Design and Culture. Lapchi reliably delivers products of unsurpassed quality, utilizing a sustainable process which respects the materials and honors the lives of the people who make them. See us online at
Lapchi Carpets are GoodWeave Certified. GoodWeave is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia. Please visit

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