ATLA, Fall 2011

Atelier Lapchi, West Hollywood, Celebrates Change

Fall Markets in LA can be fun, but “Fall” with its variegated warm coloration, may visually exist only within showrooms in the Pacific Design Center.

The Display Stage at a Glance - Atelier Lapchi

Atelier Lapchi’s Display Stage – it’s the first glance that captures the client. Coordinating patterns command the long view and all sides of center stage.  Clients recognize in an instant installation possibilities for Manhattan Beach, Wilshire condos and a Chelsea Brownstone – bi-coastal designing being the norm these days.

2011 Fall Market Variation

Staging allows designers to visually coordinate entire homes while working comfortably in our Atelier. Samples line the walls and are easy to transport. Small stacks of standard size carpets demonstrate technique and are available for purchase yet “Bespoke” is Lapchi’s specialty — Atelier Lapchi was designed to facilitate interesting and challenging projects requiring custom production.

Texere for Lapchi Display

Displays change continuously; color and texture cues are derived from history, fashion, or simply the season. This fall, visit Atelier Lapchi in Suite G-176, the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood. It’s very difficult not to glance – so easy to enter.

Atelier Lapchi, suite G-176
8687 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069  310.967.0082
Working from home or office?  Visit for information and to see what’s new. Our carpets are certified by GoodWeave as child-labor free. For information visit

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